Interactions in Real Time

by on Oct.18, 2011, under Observations

Perhaps the thing I love most about technology is how it changes our lives. In ways we can forsee, and in ways we can hardly imagine.

Sixty years ago everybody assumed we’d have flying cars by now. We’re not even close to that, however most of us walk around with more computing power on our hip than existed on the entire planet sixty years ago. This has changed us much more than flying cars would.

But the most intriguing thing is not what new technology brings us today, or even how one technology changes us. The most intriguing part is how these changes interact.

Like we already see with designer drugs: the problem is rarely the effect of the drug, so much as the unforseen and difficult to test interactions with anything else the recipient takes or even is, when genetics themselves play a role. The changes brought to us by technology are similar. I don’t think that Facebook alone has changed us half so much as the interaction between all of the social media today, how it enables us and how it limits us. How we take for granted things we couldn’t even imagine 5 years before.

How has this changed you, and how much better or worse is your life now?

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