The benefits of being human

by on Nov.04, 2011, under Observations

In a letter written to someone the other day I mumbled out something about myself that is more true than my quick typing should have been able to write. I have reread it several times, and found it more true on each rereading, therefore I thought I’d share this with you.

I enjoy communication. I enjoy talking with people about things that interest them, that challenge them. I enjoy conversations about anything someone likes, or hates, or is thinking about. This is joyful to me. This is learning, this is expanding, this is experience.

Moreso, this is something that simply isn’t possible without being human. I know a great many people think that Heaven will be wrapped up in God’s love, being close to him and knowing everything. Perhaps. But someone connected to the all-knowing source cannot experience the moment of realization — the “ah ha!” moment, the moment when your reality changes, broadens and becomes something different because of something you just learned. Only living beings which are separate and non-omniscient can have that moment, can change each other’s lives. Only we can sizzle with the warmth of a new experience, a change in ourselves due to something we have just learned.

Only we can change moment by moment, evolving through interactions in real time.

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