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This election is not about the economy. There is something so much more important here. There is something essential to the nature of who we are as Americans that is on the line right now.

What we are doing when we go into the ballot box this coming Tuesday is not selecting the economic leader for the next four years. Instead, we are selecting the leader who will guide our executive policy for the next four years. The person who will choose where the government spends its money, and whether or not it helps people in need. This is not a question of economy. This is question of compassion, and mercy.

Let us consider these candidates:

Obama Romney
FEMA Relief for Storm Victims Is busy mobilizing well-trained federal resources to assist people. Wants the (bankrupt/debt-ridden) states with limited resources to deal with the problem.
Health Insurance Reform Has passed laws to protect people from greed-driven opportunism by the health industry. Wants to see every person able to receive quality health care. Obamacare programs will relieve significant state burden for unpaid emergency room visits. Supported President Bush’s policies which saw health care costs more than triple for businesses. Wants to end Obamacare so that the health industry can charge anything they want. Wants low-income families to go to the emergency room to die. No help for the states.
Women’s Rights Reversed Bush’s executive orders that denied health care to women overseas on his first day in office. Appoints women into his government on a regular basis. Supports their right to make their own choices. Doesn’t know any competent women. Lied about having asked for a binder of them. Has been reported as insulting to women in the workplace and the church. Has repeatedly promised to take away women’s rights. Supports legislation which would allow employers to deny healthcare to women.
Gay Rights Believes that gays should be able to have relationships with dignity and respect. Has prevented the government from defending DOMA. Fought against gay marriage in Massachusetts. Humiliated and victimized children of gay parents by refusing to sign their birth certificates.
How They Treated People (while young) Has spent his entire career helping people improve their lives. In his first job he expanded a tiny community role with a church to set up a job training program, a college preparatory tutoring program, and a tenants’ rights organization in Altgeld Gardens. Bullied and beat up on people poorer and smaller than himself. Impersonated a policeman to harass people. Threatened people with his father’s influence.
How They Treat People Now Has focused his presidency on treating everyone with dignity. Respects other faiths. Has created policy to better help people who need help. Ridicules people that need help. Insults people of different beliefs. Wants to turn the government’s back on people in need.

This is what we are choosing. This is the man you are choosing to lead the nation. This isn’t a choice where you get to vote for the best gas price. Neither one of these presidents can control that. You are choosing the moral character of the man leading our nation.

More importantly, you are choosing how your friends will be treated by the US Government over the next 4 years. You are choosing whether or not your friends:

1. Die from being unable to cover their medical bills after being cast aside by profit-seeking health care companies.

2. Lose their jobs or lose their lives because of who they love, or which god they believe in. (When people know that the government won’t indite them, they do nasty things to people they fear.)

3. Lose their dignity and respect by being unable to participate in the same benefits you enjoy today. Lose their lifelong homes after their partner dies. Lose their partners because they can’t get coverage for them under the same health plan.

This is the quality of mercy. This is the choice you are making for your friends and neighbors. You really cannot pretend it is anything else.

I have come to a sad turn in the road, but it is a turn that I think is essential and important to me. If you are a person that feels that the things I have listed above are not important enough to vote to save them, then I no longer want you in my life.

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